ERUA’s fourth Annual Summit 2024 stands at the forefront of exploring the significant role of social innovations in the face of global transformation and sustainability crises. This summit represents a distinctive assembly of thought leaders, academics, policymakers, and innovators, all uniting with a shared objective: to thoroughly explore the pressing needs of social innovations in addressing contemporary challenges.

Erasmus International Week

You are welcome to attend the International Teaching Exchange week.

Additional information will be provided on September.

If you have questions please contact:

Mrs. Audra Dargytė Burokienė, Head of International Office
Law School
Subject areas covered by the School: Law (042)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ingrida Danėlienė, Vice-Dean for International Relations and Studies
Faculty of Public Governance and Business
Subject areas covered by the Faculty: Economics (0311), Political science and civics (0313), Business (041), Management and Administration, Public Administration (0413),  Accounting (0411), Finance (0412) Informatics, Information and Communication Technologies (0611, 0612, 0613)
Prof. Dr. Lidija Kraujalienė, Vice-Dean for Strategic Partnerships and Innovations
Public Security  Academy (campus located in Kaunas city)
Subject areas covered by the Faculty: Security services (103), Law (042)
Address: V. Putvinskio 70, LT- 44211 Kaunas
Danguolė Seniutienė, Vice-Dean for Studies
Faculty of Human and Social Studies
Subject areas covered by the Institute: Languages (0231, 0232), Humanities (022),  Psychology (0312), Communication and Media (032) Education (0111), Teacher training  (0113), Social work (0923)
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jolanta Pivorienė, Vice-Dean for International Relations and Projects

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